Who is William The Third?

William The Third, born William Blake Childers, is an 18 year old artist based in Kentucky. When most people think of an artist out of Kentucky, they go straight to country music. This couldn’t be further from his music. William makes music that falls into many genres including Indie Pop, Alternative Rock, and Pop music. While these genres are great, William believes that giving his music genre a label is simply confining. If someone is labeled as a “rock musician”, they really can’t randomly release an entire reggae album. You never know what William’s next song will sound like.

He was born and raised in a small town in south western Kentucky. As a child, he always had a passion for art. For the longest time, he wanted to be the world’s next painter. He would draw, color, and paint and tell everyone that he was going to be an artist someday. He then started spending more time with his dad, Billy Barefoot Yogi. Billy was in a few bands and he worked on music all the time. He played the bass, guitar, drums -- really anything you could think of. This started turning William’s attention towards a love for a different kind of art. Throughout middle school and early high school, he experimented with rap music and other genres. He eventually found a love for singing and started releasing music under the name “Saint Rain”. This eventually got changed to “William The Third” as he was the Third in his families name. He wanted to honor his father’s name as well, since it was Billy who taught him how to be himself.